Gareth Woodham AAPI

CERTIFIED PRACTISING VALUER Gareth Woodham has been conducting property valuations across Sydney and Melbourne for more than 17 years.

Gareth attended the University of Technology Sydney from 1992 to 1998, and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Land Economics. Shortly thereafter, Gareth was registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and began practising, where he acquired experience valuing properties across Sydney. During this time, Gareth conducted valuations for major banks and financial institutions, lawyers and accountants, for a range of purposes including: mortgage security, statutory assessment, mercantile recovery and family law.

In 2003, Gareth relocated to Melbourne as an unrestricted valuer, conducting residential, commercial and industrial valuations across Melbourne, for mortgage security, statutory assessment and family law purposes.

Admitted to the Australian Property Institute in 2006 as a Certified Practising Valuer, Gareth returned to Sydney the same year, conducting portfolio valuations for the Defence Housing Authority, Mortgage Insurers, and undertaking extensive recovery and liquidation valuations for several mercantile agents.

Through his extensive experience, specialised training and continuing professional development in the valuation and assessment of real estate assets, Gareth is qualified as an expert witness to value:

Real Estate including,

  • Interests held in fee simple
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Rental value
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Unit Entitlement Valuations